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Cause and effect essays

Cause and effect essays


This type of essay implies the presence of a specific problem, for which a solution must be proposed.




Introduction In the introductory part, it is necessary to formulate the problem and the reasons for its occurrence, as well as to identify possible consequences. It's better to describe the main problem in the introduction part. It would be easier for you to build a structure if you know how to write a memo so try to find some information about how to write a professional memo. It will help you with all your essays so just try and you won't regret it.    


Main part. Solutions to the problem and the likely consequences for each solution should be proposed.


Conclusion The reasoning given in the main part is summarized.




Tip 1. Follow the sequence. Do not jump from one idea to another. Clearly state the solution to the problem and the consequences that may occur.

Tip 2. Do not put forward a new idea to solve the problem in the conclusion - this is contrary to logic


Where to start writing essays in English


Do not use abbreviated forms of words. For example, don’t or isn’t, etc.

It is advisable not to use brackets and exclamation marks in the text.

Sentences should not begin with the words and, but or also.

The conclusion should always reflect your own opinion on the topic.

When writing an essay, use introductory words, cliche phrases.

The volume of an essay is usually 200-250 words.

Leave time to check grammar errors.

When preparing for an essay, memorize a few cliche phrases on various topics.


Common spelling mistakes

Three common mistakes made when writing an essay


Mistake 1. Using a conversational style and abbreviated forms.


Mistake 2. Deviation from the topic (probably in the hope that they will be appreciated for writing at least something).


Mistake 3. Using too categorical phrases.


One of the most important aspects of successful essay writing is continuous training. Before the exam, you should study different topics, learn standard phrases